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Waldmann Commander 23 Multilayered Brillant Midnight Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen With Steel Nib

Waldmann Commander 23 - Powerful, robust and still precise when it comes to the finer points. Even in rough times, the new Commander is a reliable companion. Full steam ahead with the new Commander 23

  • cap multilayered brillant lacquered in midnight blue metallic with deep wide lines pattern made by Guilloché technique
  • shaft with deep, wide lines pattern made by Guilloché technique
  • solid, spring supported clip
  • component parts metal platinum plated
  • iridium tipped stainless steel nib
  • cap with screw system
  • length closed in mm: 144,00
  • length uncapped in mm: 109,00
  • diameter in mm: 13,10
  • weight in g: 69
  • converter
  • nib widths: B-Broad
  • Solid sterling silver 925
  • 100% made in Germany
  • 10 year warranty

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