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Filofax Saffiano Fluoro A5 Refillable Notebook Pink

यह उत्पाद उपलब्ध होने पर मुझे सूचित करें:

Shine bright with the Filofax refillable A5 Notebook in a beautiful metallic finish. Features repositionable and refillable pages allowing you to create a notebook that works for you. Remove, remix and refill with our range of multifunctional papers and accessories. Unlike most other notebooks it also folds back on itself and lies perfectly flat when open.

  • twin wire spine
  • moveable dividers with pocket
  • moveable page marker/ruler
  • pages compatible with all Filofax A5 and A4 Refillable Notebooks
  • refills and accessories available


    56 sheets of ruled fountain pen friendly paper (100gsm), moveable coloured dividers with pocket, moveable page marker/ruler


    Height: 214mm
    Depth: 20mm
    Material: Faux-leather

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