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Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen - Poggi (Sea Green)


This Stipula Adagio fountain pen has a unique semi-translucent faceted resin body. It has a metal grip, a threaded cap that pushes to post, and silver trim. It fills via built-in piston mechanism, and utilizes a #6 steel nib. All Stipula fountain pens are handmade in Italy.

The new Stipula collection comes from the praise of the slowness that in great music takes its name "Adagio". A slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness.

This fountain pen has a fixed piston operated by the rotating knob, firm and solid in the hands of its user. The pen body and cap have eight facets, with resin materials rich in unexpected opalescence and nuances with translucent and discreetly luminescent features in the dark. The high performance and reliable nib is available in steel with a medium and 1.1mm iridium tip. The Stipula Adagio is currently available in three colors: Pisan Sunset (amber); Fountains of Poggi (seagreen); Dawn in Fiesole (light blue).

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