About Livtek India

LivTek India is part of a consortium which has diversified interests in packaging, warehousing / logistics and luxury goods distribution. LivTek India Pvt. Ltd has been in the forefront of getting major lifestyle brands into the country that help plan, organise and enrich life. The Company is headquartered out of Mumbai and has a focus on bringing-in lifestyle products from UK, France, Italy and USA. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and representatives in Chennai & Bangalore. The brands are positioned in stores in elite five-star hotels and shopping malls which are frequented by brand conscious clientele.

LivTek India brings to the Indian market reputed international brands such as:
  • Yard-o-led - Sterling silver pens handcrafted in England, since 1934.
  • Waldmann - Solid Sterling pens with precious craftsmanship from Germany, since 100 years.
  • OMAS - Now a part of the LVMH Group, handcrafted pens from Italy.
  • Stipula - Handcrafted pens from Italy, since 1945.
  • Conklin - Legendary name for fine writing instruments, since 1898.
  • Monteverde USA - Pens for every occasion, from the United States for more then 40 years.
  • OGON Wallets - Aluminium shell, new age metallic wallets from France, designed in Sweden, since 2004.
  • Filofax of UK -  Personal organisers made of materials, such as Italian leather, micro fibres and denim, retails in over 25 countries, since 1910.
  • Letts of London -  Dairies with cutting edge design & innovation, since 1812.
Currently the above brands retail at over 100 stores across 20 cities in India.

The company also designs and prints Livtek Dairies which are available in four convenient sizes to choose from. There are a host of colours, page colours and finish as well to suit your palette.