About Livtek India

LivTek India is part of a consortium which has diversified interests in packaging, warehousing - logistics and luxury goods Sales & Marketing. LivTek India Pvt Ltd has been in the forefront of getting major lifestyle brands into the country which help plan, organise and enrich life.

The Company is headquartered out of Mumbai and has a focus on bringing-in lifestyle products from UK, Europe and USA. LivTek India’s product portfolio includes Filofax oganizers-planners and clipbooks & Letts of London diaries from UK, Monteverde pens from USA, Waldmann and Yard-o-Led sterling silver pens from Germany & UK respectively, Stipula pens from Italy, Yard-o-Led sterling silver pens from UK, Swedish design Ogon credit card wallets from France, and the newly introduced Castelli Milano golden gilded notebooks from Italy. Additionally, are the LivTek India own diaries and MiPad notebooks printed at Thomson Press on ITC ivory cream paper.

The company has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and representative for South in Bangalore. The brands are positioned in stores in elite hotels and shopping malls which are frequented by brand conscious clientele. Website: https://www.livtekindia.com