Conklin All American Matte Black Rose Gold limited Edition 898 Fountain Pen


During the 1930s, at the dawn of the depression, Conklin® launched a collection that was priced more affordable to the general public. The ‘All American™’ Collection was offered in a variety of sizes, filling mechanisms, and finishes with the aim of satisfying growing market demand for good quality, but affordably priced writing instruments. Drawing inspiration from Conklin’s original models and the rich heritage of the brand, the All American™ Collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a timeless oversize streamlined design. Conklin is an ever-evolving brand, creating trends and new tiers of style with every pen release, so be sure to stand out and radiate with our new one. The Conklin Pen Company is proud to introduce the limited edition All American Matte Black, crafted from a handmade European high-grade black matte resin. Smooth and pleasant to touch, it is well-sized, yet not so big to be uncomfortable in the hand. Designed for a pleasant writing experience, the cap and barrel are carefully tapered to provide a perfect balance. The All American Matte Black Limited Edition is offered with two gorgeous trim options – Gunmetal and Rose gold, both trims perfectly outline the best features of each writing instrument. Each pen features Conklin’s original 1916 patented spring-loaded rocker clip. Elegantly engraved along the barrel are the Conklin trademark and All American logo, while the backside of the cap displays a limited edition number exclusively for each pen. Elegant and classy, the All American Matte Black will transform the writing experience and turn it into luxurious, fun, and ecstatic activity!

The All American™ Matte Black is available in fountain pen and Rollerball. Available choices for nib grades include Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, and Omniflex, allowing users to choose one that complements their handwriting style. The fountain pen uses reliable international cartridges, and a converter (supplied), while the rollerball accepts standard international rollerball refills. All fountain pens are outfitted with a smooth black JoWo nib, displaying the brand name and marked with special crescent-shaped breathing holes unique to Conklin only and are individually tested by quality control teams to ensure top quality extraordinary writing performance and a great customer experience. Each Conklin® brand writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift box. A limited-edition run of 898 pieces for fountain pens and 98 for rollerball pens.