Conklin Nozac Ohio Blue Fountain Pen

Conklin, the legendary name for fine writing instruments, returns with a revitalized design of a timeless classic, the Nozac piston filler. Originally released in 1931, Conklin took the world by storm with their patented piston-filler and polygonal design. The Conklin Nozac ("no sack") was the only American piston-filler in production at the time. Based on the original model, the new Nozac fountain pen is machined to perfection and painstakingly hand-polished. The body features eight smooth faceted sides, and is then adorned with striking silver along the clip, grip, and ends. Made from European grade acrylic resin, each fountain pen displays a wide variety of color. The Ohio Blue is a dazzling shade of true blue, marbled with shades of white, silver, and greens