Conklin All American Demo Blue (eyedropper) Special Edition Fountain Pen


Conklin All American Demo Orange (eyedropper) Special Edition Fountain (cartridge/converter/eyedropper filling system)

The Conklin Pen Company® was established in 1898 during the golden era of fountain pens, and is still regarded as one of the most prominent pen manufacturers today. Inspired by Conklin’s original models and the rich heritage of the brand, the new special edition All American Demo balances classic and contemporary to create timeless designs.

The collection is available in three color with three different trim finishes: Clear with chrome trim, Blue with rosegold trim, Orange with gunmetal trim. Crafted from handmade European high-grade resin, the All American Demo is developed to bring comfort and durability, with a carefully tapered cap and barrel. The tapered cap tops feature “rocker style” clip, and barrel is engraved with the Conklin trademark, All American logo and Special Edition. This edition is suited to individuals looking for a well-sized pen with a unique design that still rings true to original Conklin designs. Multi-coated plating adorns the clip and parts, enhancing the elegance of each pen. Available choices for Jowo premium stainless steel nib grades include Extra fine, Fine, Medium, Board, Stub or Omniflex, which allows users to choose one that complements their individual handwriting style. Each nib displays the brand name and is marked with special crescent-shaped breathing hole. Our quality control team tests each nib individually to ensure top quality writing performance.

The fountain pen uses reliable international cartridges, a converter (supplied) and plus as a bonus it is also an eyedropper pen. Included with the pen is an eyedropper for filling system. To fill the pen: unscrew the barrel from the nib section of the pen holding the barrel upright and fill it with the eyedropper and the ink of your choice. Then screw the section back onto the pen. Real simple, easy to fill. The barrel holds 5 ml of ink that will keep you writing for a long time. Each Conklin brand writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift box with a custom-design sleeve. The All American Demo is an ideal gift for any person in your life, whether they use the pens in their professional lives, home offices, or as a style accessory.