Stipula Lungavita 351pcs Limited Edition Fountain Pen Cartridge/Piston/Eye Dropper Crystal Clear - Red


Celebrate your vitality with a new collection of dual-use fine writing instruments. This stunning fountain pen takes its name from the Italian phrase for “long life,” which is elegantly displayed throughout the cap and barrel.

The Lungavita honors the medical advancements that have contributed to humanity’s longevity. A polished silver clip takes the form of the Rod of Asclepius, a significant symbol in medicine. The cap houses a discreet, food grade stainless steel storage space, perfect for holding important medication. A clear, ink gauge tank allows you to see when it is time to refill, with cartridge, removable piston, or eyedropper. Never forget those crucial prescriptions at home again! Carry them in style with a pen that is worthy of the extravagance of modern medicine.