Monteverde USA® Aldo Domani Fountain Pen - Pink


Twenty years ago I had a business neighbor who was an Italian tailor. He came to America from Sicily where his whole family was in the clothing design trade. His name was Aldo, and everyone called him by his first name only, not even really knowing or remembering his last name. I bought my first suit from Aldo, and of course, I was very excited to be getting a custom made suit from the impeccable tailor Aldo. Anxious to get my suit, I would stop by frequently hoping it would be finished. Each time I visited his shop, Aldo would tell me, “Come Domani” which in Italian meant tomorrow. Over the years, I nick named him “Aldo Domani”. Aldo not only designed great suits, he was simply a great designer and helped me to design pens, packaging and other new product ideas. Aldo’s Italian flavor in design helped me so much that I decided in 1998 to name a pen brand “Aldo Domani®

Ever since its inception in 1998, the Aldo Domani brand has been dedicated to great Italian design using solid quality materials and “old world” craftsmanship. Our modern interpretation of luxury styling in fine writing instruments has been widely appreciated by millions around the world.

Thank you, Aldo, the Italian tailor, for helping me to become so successful in the pen industry. I hope to always make you proud with the designs of “Domani”, meaning the designs of tomorrow. I hope millions more will make tomorrow (Domani) better by choosing an Aldo Domani pen today.

No matter your style, the Monteverde USA® Aldo Domani® Collection has the pen for you. This line features an array of color finishes that appeal to business executives and working professionals alike. These fine writing instruments are being used around the world and are reveered for their high level of comfort. Their mid-sized profile and smooth finish make them a favorite for those desiring an easy and pleasurable writing experience. The Aldo Domani® Fountain pen nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub w/JoWo Nib.