Monteverde USA® People Of The World Fountain Pen Huli

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The people of Huli clan live in the Hela Province and Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the world’s third largest island country that is inhabited with some of the planet’s most extraordinary biodiversity. Huli people believe that they are descendants of a male ancestor called “Huli”, who was first to cultivate Huli’s ancestral lands. The people of Huli believe in many different spirits that they call – the damia; these spirits inhabit the sky, rivers, forest and mountains and have full control over the land, climate, fertility of the soil and livestock.

The traditional attire of the Huli people is considered to be the most colorful in the country. Men of Huli tribes are known for spending lots of time on decorating their bodies, faces, and hair. The prominent yellow-red face coloring is one of the most famous identifiers of the Huli men; the Ochre (red clay) and Ambua (yellow clay) are sacred, traditional coloring materials that are used for the face painting. The upper part of the face painted yellow color, meanwhile the lower part is painted red. The combination of these two colors creates an incredible, unique contrast that appears stunningly beautiful and empowering on men of the Huli people. Aside from the body painting, the real attention grabber features of Huli traditional costumes are their wigs. The main reason for the tribe’s obsession with wigs is the in initiation rites that occur when boys reach the ages of 14 or 15. During that time period boys are taught to take care of their hair with special procedures that make hair grow strong, thick, and long and eventually shaped into a mushroom shape that will be later shaved off several times and used to create the traditional wigs. The wigs are accented with varied elements such as animal fur, plants, and feathers, which in turn, creates an extraordinary, powerful, and magnificent look.

The unique appearance, colors, and traditions of the Huli people inspired the design of the Monteverde USA® Huli pen collection. The primary inspiration was the body paint used by the people which can be noted in the colors of the exclusive custom hand-made and mixed high-quality resin; the dominant beaming yellow and red patterns that are also combined with dark blue color that takes its inspiration from the wig elements such as bright blue feathers, often used in wig designs by the men of the Huli people. Accented with chrome trim and a black ring, engraved with the name of the people – “Huli”, the following pen collection appears hypnotizing to the eye. This pen collection was created to bring attention to the Huli’s culture, traditions, and sacred believes and raise awareness about the importance of the People of the world.

Monteverde USA® Huli pen is available in fountain pen and ballpoint modes. The fountain pen is equipped with a stainless steel JoWo #6 nib engraved with the Monteverde USA® logo and fills via a standard cartridge or converter (included). The nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1mm Stub, and Omniflex point sizes.  The twist-action ballpoint pen accepts standard Monteverde® refills P1 and P4 (Parker® style).

Each Monteverde® pen features a lifetime warranty and is sold in a luxurious gift box.

Monteverde USA® is committed to supporting and protecting indigenous peoples and their cultures around the globe and will donate a portion of the proceeds from the People of the World collection to organizations that work towards furthering that goal.