Monteverde USA Monza Fountain Pen Honey Amber

An affordable introduction to the world of fountain pens, the Monteverde Monza features a simple yet modern demonstrator design set off with chrome accents. The transparent body and cap show off the pen's inner workings and let you admire the ink inside. You can also see just how much ink is left so you'll never run out unexpectedly. The Monza's lightweight construction makes it a comfortable everyday writer for students, professionals, and journalers. Its stainless steel nib offers a slight amount of flex to give your writing extra character as you vary your writing pressure.



  • Slightly flexible stainless steel nib.
  • Transparent plastic resin barrel and cap.
  • Chrome accents.
  • Two ink cartridges.
  • Translucent plastic gift box that can be reused as a pen case.