Stipula Model T Fountain Pen, Black - T Flex Nib

The Stipula Model T is made of wonderful resin with a CNC machine. Stil today piece by piece is manufactured in Florence, Italy and reworked by hand. Available with steel nib in nib strength M or titanium flex nib. The titan flex nib provides a great writing experience, with which you can create different lines depending on the pressure. The pen works with standard cartridges or converter. One converter is included in the Standard packaging.

Fountain pens in the 1920s usually had a flexible nib, as they were required to write the most popular manuscripts at that time. From 1940 the trend changed towards harder nibs that could withstand the greater pressure, which was necessary for writing through copy paper to create documents. Today Stipula again offers a flexible nib made of titanium, because nobody needs a fountain pen today for making copies.