Waldmann Chess Series Square Pattern With Engraving Space Black Lacquer Fountain Pen with steel nib

Checkmate! Step by step this smooth square pattern design resembling a chessboard secures itself its place in everyday life.

  • cap with pyramid pattern made by Guilloché technique
  • shaft multilayered brilliant black lacquered, highly polished
  • Iridium tipped stainless steel nib
  • steel clip with tension inside
  • component parts metal platinum plated
  • Square pattern with engraving space
  • Solid sterling silver 925 -100% made in Germany
  • 10 year warranty
  • length closed in mm: 146,00
  • length uncapped in mm: 103,00
  • diameter in mm: 9,90
  • weight in g: 26
  • engraving space
  • converter
  • 6 ink cartridges: blue or black
  • nib widths: M medium, B broad