Waldmann Ink Well, 30ML Black

Established in 1918, Waldmann’s sterling silver pen collection has been masterfully crafted for lovers of all things lustrous and luxurious.

Having been made in Germany ever since the beginning, a Waldmann pen is something special indeed; a pleasure to write with, and an exceptional addition to any collector’s desk. Handled by only master craftsmen and engravers, these sterling silver pens perfectly blend retro looks with modern technology.

With Waldmann's Ink Bottle, your creative flow will never be interrupted. Presented in a glass bottle, with a metal lid, this high-quality ink is designed for use with Waldmann fountain pens and will ensure a smooth flow of ink to paper every time.

  • Made in Germany.
  • Filled with high-quality Black Ink.
  • 30 ML Ink Bottle
  • Ensures a long writing life and a smooth flow of ink to paper.
  • Designed for use with Waldmann fountain pens.
  • Presented in a glass bottle with a metal lid.